FAQ-1126 How Do I Change The Interval In Cisco Call Manager For How Often A Text SMDR/CDR Log File Is Created?

By default Cisco Call Manager saves a call log file every minute. This causes problems for windows computers because the directory where the logs are stored can get very full. Eventually it can cause windows directory problems and cause the windows directory to become corrupt. Also, Comm One Call Accounting can only support up to 12,000 log files in the log directory before it is unable to process calls anymore.

To resolve this problem you should adjust the CDRFlatFileInterval in the Cisco Call Manager so that your log files are only saved once or twice per day. That way the directory won't fill up and Comm One will be able to process the logs that you capture.

The CISCO System sends both CDR and CMR Records. Only CDR Records are required to do Call Accounting.


You can configure these parameters on the Enterprise Parameters Configuration page in the
Cisco Unified CallManager Administration. To access the Enterprise Parameters Configuration page,
open Cisco Unified CallManager Administration and select System -> Enterprise Parameters.

CDRFlatFileInterval: AKA CDR File Time Interval

This is a parameter for Cisco Unified CallManager that determines the number of seconds to write to a CDR file before opening another one. For example, if this CDRFlatFileInterval is 1 minute (default), Cisco Unified CallManager will write a minutes worth of CDRs into each file. If the CDRFlatFileInterval is 60 minutes, then Unified CM will write anhours worth of CDRs into each file.


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Last Reviewed: 10/12/2017

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