FAQ-1161 WIZARDS - Configure Email Account


How do I configure the email account for email automation?


  1. Close all Programs
  2. Start the MAIL SETUP UTILITY from the Comm One Software Folder.

  3. The Mail Setup will start. Select SETUP from the bottom menu bar.

  4. Enter your SMTP Server Name

  5. Leave the POP Server Bank
  6. Enter the Email address you want to send mail through
  7. Enter that email address's password
  8. Enter the same email address in the SMTP From Email.
  9. Enter the Email Port Number. The default is 25 unless you have been provided with another number.
  10. The Authentication is usually PLAIN. If that doesn't work, to back and try NONE.
  11. Select OK when finished.
  12. At the Mail Setup Utility select TEST to test the email settings.

  13. Select TEST NOW to continue test.
  14. To automate the reports you need to put one of the following programs in your Windows Scheduler and scheduler them to run daily after the call processing. 


    AUTO_EMAIL11.EXE   (Runs report with settings made in the Mail Setup Utility)AUTO_SUMMARY_EMAIL11.EXE   (Runs a Summary Report)AUTO_DETAIL_EMAIL11.EXE   (Runs a Detail Report)



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Last Reviewed: 02/02/2017

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