FAQ-1461 Allworx - Can you manually export SMDR / CDR call records from an Allworx phone system?


Yes, Allworx phone system allow you to manually export call logs.  Calls can be manually exported in TSV or XML format.

Allworx TSV is a "Tab Separated Variable" file format that is used to manually export call records out of an Allworx telephone system.  Regular streamed call records are in plain CSV (comma separated format), but manually exported logs are in TSV format (tab instead of a comma).

Allworx can also export call records in XML format, but Comm One does not support XML files at this time.

In order for the call records to import correctly into Comm One, you need a special call processing script that supports the manual format that you used.  The format of the calls when you manually export them is different than the format of calls that are captured using the call capture utility.



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Last Reviewed: 10/05/2017

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