FAQ-1052 How Do I Set Up A Shared Drive To Start Comm One From A Remote Computer?


  1. SHARE: First you need to share the c:\ca20xx directory on the Call Accounting machine. If you are on a server, this directory may already be shared by definition. If you are on a work station, you will need to right click on the directory and select SHARE WITH. Type in the Windows User Name of the user to share with or type EVERYONE to share with all Users. Change the permission level to READ/WRITE. Then select SHARE.

  2. MAP A DRIVE: Next you need to map a drive letter on the machine you will be running the Call Accounting on and point it to the share you created to the c:\ca20xx directory on the shared drive. You have to map a drive letter, the Call Accounting requires it.

  3. CREATE SHORTCUT: Last, create a shortcut on the mapped drive to the caXX.exe program on the share. The program should run just like you were running it from the c:\ca20xx directory on the Call Accounting machine.

On most windows machines this is all that needs to be done. If you find that you don't have rights to the share, then you may need to modify ADVANCED Sharing settings, or security settings on the shared drive to give yourself access to map to it from another machine.

There is no software to load on the client machine, everything is self-contained in the ca20xx directory that you need to run the program from a remote machine.

(Where xx = the version. Example: ca2017 for the 2017 version)


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Last Reviewed: 02/02/2017

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