FAQ-1050 What is Error 1705 and how do I correct it?


What does Error 1705 mean and how do I correct it? 


Error 1705 indicates that you are trying to open a Comm One file that is already open. You should close all open programs and try again. This can also be caused if someone is sharing your drive and running a Comm One program from another computer.  

If you are running your Comm On Automated tasks for Call Processing and/or reporting in the Windows Task Scheduler, then you should also verify that all of the tasks are closed in the Task Scheduler. You should also check the Windows Task Manager and make sure that there are not any tasks hung open in windows. 

If closing the open programs doesn’t resolve the error, then you should reboot your machine. That should resolve the problem. 

Once you log back in you should run the CHECK INDEXES Utility to make sure that the data integrity of your index files is intact. 




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