FAQ-1036 How Can I Select A Prior Period For Reporting?


Closing a period just takes the call records out of the current period and saves them to the Archive folder.  Calls in the archive folder do not load when you start the call accounting, but you can use the FILE/SELECT PERIOD option to open a closed period for reporting.  When you exit the system and restart it, the system automatically selects the current period.  When call processing runs, calls are automatically added to the current period as well.


To select a prior (closed) period for reporting do the following:

  1. Start Call Accounting
  2. From the MAIN MENU select the FILE menu.
  3. From the FILE MENU select the SELECT PRIOR PERIOD menu option.
  4. The system will default to the c:\ca20XX\archive directory. Your previously closed periods will be there or in the c:\ca20XX\log_serial directory depending on how your system is configured.
  5. Highlight the file you want to open and press return or select open from the menu dialog.
  6. The prior period will be opened and you will see the file name at the bottom right of your screen. Any reports you run will use this closed period.



NOTE: You cannot add new call records to a closed period. New call records added using Call Processing go to the current period file (plm_ca.dbf) by default.


*(Where xx = the version. Example: ca2017 for the 2017 version)



FAQ-1036 How to Select a Prior Period for Reporting

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