FAQ-1008 How do I get current records from Comm One Call Capture Utility


Occasionally you may need to look up a call record that has not been downloaded or processed from your computer yet. As calls are completed, the raw data is captured by the CA_TERM program. These logs are usually in flat ASCII format with no delimiters.  

At the scheduled time, the CA_TERM will close out and save a log file containing raw call detail. Another event, Call Processing will then run and convert the raw call data into the Comm One Call Accounting database files so that reports can be run.  


Stop the CA_TERM program by selecting it and then closing it by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner. As the CA_TERM closes, it will save the raw data it has captured and store it in a directory on your computer named c:\ca20xx\log_serial. 


Once the file has captured and the CA_TERM has closed, restart the CA_TERM again so that the system can go back on-line and you will not lose any call data


The last step is to manually run Call Processing. You can do this by right clicking on the Call Processing Event in your Windows Scheduler, and then selecting RUN NOW. This will run the Call Processing and convert any raw logs that have not been processed into the Call Accounting. 

Make sure that the main Call Accounting program is not running when you run Call Processing or the system will return an error message. 

With call records downloaded and processed, you can now run reports. 

*(Where xx = the version. Example: ca2017 for the 2017 version)


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Last Reviewed: 02/02/2017

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