FAQ-1041 Does Comm One Support Account Codes Authorization Codes, Or DNIS Codes?

Yes, Call Accounting JR and PRO versions support Authorization, Account, and DNIS Codes. These features are sometimes named different things on different phone systems but they operate basically the same. There is a difference however between Forced Account Codes, and Account Codes. Sometimes the Forced codes are referred to as Forced and Verifiable Codes. Using the Forced codes, you are required to enter a valid code before you are allowed to access a trunk and make an outgoing call. Without forced codes, entering a code is optional, and the system does not normally verify to make sure that the code you enter is a valid code.

DNIS Codes are the digits that come in with an inbound call that are passed to the phone system so that you can identify what number the incoming caller dialed to ring in on. This allows you to route specific toll free numbers to specific call groups. Our software captures these codes and allows you to track the usage on inbound calls for each code. Usually the dnis is the last 4 digits of the number dialed, but it can bet set up to be the whole 10 digit number.

Comm One does not validate any of this information, but receives the codes in the SMDR data and allows you to report them back.

Once they have been set up, these reports can be run from:



From those menu options you can run Detail or Summary Reports.


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Last Reviewed: 02/01/2017

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