FAQ-1025 How To Run A Detail Report For A Particular Department


Follow these steps to run a call detail report for a single department.

  1. From the Main Menu Select the REPORTS Menu Option.
  2. From the REPORTS Menu select the QUERY Menu Option.
  3. From the QUERY option cursor down to the DEPARTMENT option. It should currently say ALL indicating to run a report on ALL departments. Select the department you wish to print from the Department Pull down Box. For a department to show up in the pull down, it must first be added to the Department File. You can edit the Department File from the MAIN MENU, then select EDIT, then select DEPARTMENT FILE.
  4. For extensions to show up under a particular Department, each extension must be edited and the correct Department Code must be selected from the Station Department Field Pull down Menu.
  5. Select OK and the report will generate.  

If a particular extension does not show up under a department, go to the station file and make sure that you have that extension listed under the right department code.




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